Embroidery Unigraph Média

In addition to the high quality result, embroidery on promotional garment ensure great visibility and durability to your image.  Whether it’s your logo or an image for a special event, be assured that an embroidered item will be worn for many years.

In House Screen Printing

For promotional items, screen printing is a flexible printing technique that can be used on almost any type of material or item. It’s a flexible, cost-effective solution that ensures flawless print quality.

Heat Transfert

The heat transfer technique is a decorative process using materials specially designed for application using heat. This method is often used for the production of names, letters and numbers. Available vinyls come in a wide variety of colors, textures and effects.

Sublimation digital printing consists of printing sublimated disperse color ink on transfer paper  for decorative effects. Afterwards, it’s transferred on a textile composed mainly of polyester.


Sewing service at Unigraph Media

We take care of all your projects for A to Z.

We can create t-shirts, crests or any others decorations on your clothing.

Adjustment and darning on sold clothes.

Personalized adjustment on site.

Promotional Clothings

Whether it’s a small project or building a brand from A to Z, our team of graphic designers can take care of you communication needs.


Specialists in promotional items and
promotionl clothing.

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