The most durable and refined customization!

Embroidery on promotional clothing

A high-end result!

The embroidery on promotional clothing ensures high durability and visibility to your image. Whether your logo, text or image for a special event, be assured that an item be embroidered worn for years.

15 different colors of 100 % polyester yarn are used by our embroidery machines to create the same logo. Being computer-controlled, these machines offer the customization of a garment with a very high precision.


15 couleurs différentes de fil 100% polyester sont utilisées par nos machines à broder pour créer un même logo. Étant dirigées par un ordinateur, ces machines offrent la personnalisation d’un vêtement avec une très grande précision.

Indeed, the direct embroidery on the garment offers you the most durable and refined customization, while adding brilliance and dimensional effect to your logo.

It’s possible to embroider clothes so-called ”heavy” such as work clothes, bathrobes, towels, polar jacket or coats.

As well as the ”light clothes” such as sweatshirts, polo shirts, hats, caps and aprons.


Embroidery Unigraph Media
Embroidery Unigraph Media
Did you know that :

-The ink’s color on paper and embroidery thread colors differ a little bit;

-The texture and shine of the yarn also contribute to a different apparence;

-Technical imperatives specific to embroidery sometimes require some adjustments related to the lettering formats and color gardients


Whether you want a regular embroidery logo, 3D Puff, escutcheon, ”appliqué” or a text, you can trust our expertise for your project!

Embroidery matrix fees may be charged

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*Vector version preferably; /.eps /.ai

*Vector version preferably; /.eps /.ai

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