Heat Transfer

Vinyls available in a wide variety of colors, textures and effects

Excellent way of personalization

Ideal for sports jerseys

The heat transfer technique is a decorative process using materials specially designed for application using heat. This method is often used for the production of names, letters and numbers. Available vinyls come in a wide variety of colors, textures and effects.

Heat transfer is frequently used for the application of logos on a textile. Pre-cut numbers and letters are perfect for customizing uniforms or sports jerseys (players name and sports team numbers). It’s also a great way to customize t-shirts for special events such as family reunions, charity events or private parties.

We use two different ways with this technique: either cutting the logo directly in the vinyl or printing your logo in color and high-definition then cutting it. Hot transfer is applicable to almost all types of fabrics, including neoprene, nylon and leather. This is an excellent choice for logos with small details.

Did you know that :
  • This technique makes it possible to print in photo quality all types of textiles;
  • The cost is related to the size and complexity of cutting the visual;

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