Screen Printing

Screen printing made on site!

A flexible solution

Ideal for t-shirts and sweaters

Screen printing is a printing technique that reproduces logos and text on a textile or a flat surface because of a silk screen frame that has been burned before with a film of your logo.

For the production of clothing and promotional items, screen printing can be used for almost any type of material.

It’s a flexible, cost-effective solution that ensures flawless print quality.

It’s a perfect solution for marking on t-shirts and kangaroos, long sleeves, etc.

Sérigraphie - Unigraph Média
Sérigraphie - Unigraph Média
Sérigraphie - Unigraph Média

Did you know that :

  • On dark fabrics, we have to apply an undercoat which is counted as an additional color;· Minimum order quantity: 24 pieces;· The greater the quantity ordered, the smaller the price is· Frame and film editing fees may apply;

    · All Pantone colors can be reproduced;

    · Hundreds of colors or special effects are possible;

    · Screen printing in 4 colors “Process” is available.

    We are looking forward to your project!

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*Vector version preferably; /.eps /.ai

*Vector version preferably; /.eps /.ai

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